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Kelley O'Sullivan



Since I've been working with Kelley, I've returned to running because my overall strength is improving. Confidence in my ability to try new things has grown: never thought I would stand up paddle board, paddle board yoga, kick boxing or finish obstacle course races, but I have. Nutrition education and awareness are added benefits. Besides fitness is fun and I'm not stopping anytime soon.


Client since 2015

Kelley has been my cheerleader, fitness and wellness confidante, challenger, and biggest believer in things I can do. She's gotten me to try and do kickboxing, TRX, stand up paddle board yoga, and so much more. I love our workouts and time together, and love the bond with the fellow “torturees” . Fitness is fun when Kelley is in charge.


Client since 2015

Kelley is an inspiring coach and leader. I have significantly improved in flexibility, strength and balance since I started working with her. She listens and cares about her clients and works with them to make things happen. She is the best in my experience.


Client since 2008


Playtime Facilitator

1170 Garcia Ranch Road

Briones, CA 94553

Tel: 925-899-7293

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Cancellation Policy

KO Fitness, LLC requires 24 hour notice if you have to cancel your scheduled session. Without 24 hour notice, you lose your session fee.

If you cancel prior to 24 hours to your agreed upon session, you can make up your missed session within 48 hours of the original session without losing your fee.

Family members may not be substituted for missed sessions without prior consent from Kelley.

Accountability is paramount at KO Fitness, LLC. If you commit to a certain number of sessions per week, I am committed to see you for all those sessions per week.

Thank you!

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