Babies everywhere!?

Finally getting settled back into the routine of Farm life, even though we don't have animals or grow anything but weeds just yet. So much has been happening, thought I'd catch you up on what I've learned the last few days.

Having just witnessed my niece being born a few weeks ago, I think it's interesting that the other night I got to hear a cow being born. Let me tell you, they sound nothing alike. My sister did NOT make guttural mooing noises at anytime while she was giving birth. Noises that echoed off the hills around us sounding like someone was possibly being mauled to death. I've never heard anything like it but I'm sure I'll get to hear it again, there's a lot of cows in the neighborhood. (I'm also glad I'm not a cow and I'm done having children!!)

Anyway, not having witnessed with my own eyes the whole process, here's the scoop from my awesome neighbor. Apparently the momma cow thought she would train her new son on how to do flips and rolls, kinda like cow-parkour. She must have been pretty pissed off about having to birth him because she was flipping and rolling him all over the pasture. The local humans had had enough of the rough stuff and put lil'man in a pen away from momma until she could calm down and realize they don't allow cows on America Ninja Warrior so her son will have to make due with being a regular cow. I hope she's not disappointed! His name is Columbo. Don't quote me on the spelling.

We've also learned that we need a lot more 'things' in order to keep up with 12+ acres, couple of out buildings and a house in Briones. In my imagination, I was going to be minimalist, clean and tidy, always calm and ready for Snow White to show up and play with the deer before she cleans my house. Oh, and I'd be cooking up a ton healthy meals and snacks in between morning hiking/TRX/hardcore workouts, afternoon meditation/nap and finishing off the day with yoga under the starry sky. (A girl can dream, right? Laugh with me people!) Nope! Not gonna happen just yet! I'm okay with that, but I may have to sell a kidney to cover all the 'things' we need to make this happen.

As we move forward with the Retreat and making our lives here, we are learning a lot and laughing a lot and praying a lot too. All in all, I'd say we're right where we need to be

Sweet little baby K with Auntie K.

These are random cows, not Columbo, he's been hiding from the paps.

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