Being a deer mom

Last time I confessed to watching deer bathroom habits. Gross, I know! This time it gets so much worse. I'm just thankful I'm not a deer in this life, if I was in a past life, I'm glad it's over and I hope I never return to that form again, just sayin'.

So momma is back every evening and now she brings the sweetest, cutest little Bambi look-a-like so that baby can have some peas too. Watching baby deer leap around is cuter than watching toddlers toddle or puppies sleep. (At least to me, don't judge.) They're so graceful and powerful with their tiny bodies. If you must know, I'm jealous of that part but not jealous of what I'm about to share with you.

As I was saying, I'm watching momma hang back a little and let the munchkin eat, really adorable. Baby eats and leaps to a new spot, eats and leaps around momma, eats and leaps some more. Then it happens, munchkin leaps in front of momma and momma starts sniffing and licking baby's booty! I know many animals do this, but deer? Again, I find myself shocked and disappointed that they are not the regal creatures I believed them to be. I apologize for crushing anyone else's Disney-fied dreams here but I feel you all need to know.

Snow White has left the building!

Smell that?

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