cuteness update

I guess learning to live in the 'country' was getting boring, so our kids thought they'd help us out. As you may or may not know, my amazing children gifted their dad a PUPPY for Father's Day this year. Surprise! Here's a puppy! We love you Dad, have a puppy! You're the best Dad ever, have a puppy! Remember when you got us a puppy Dad? Now it's your turn, have a PUPPY! PUPPIES are awesome Dad, you need to have more puppies in your life now that we kids have moved out! I love my children but sometimes I understand why some species eat their young.

Freya has doubled in size since we got her which means her teeth have also doubled in size. Everything is a chew toy including but not limited to the usual items like shoes, boxes, fingers and kitchen towels. Also on the list are couch corners, weeds and rocks! She knows that if she barks loud enough we assume she needs to go out to do her business but once she gets out there she just wants to wander around and possibly chase the deer or peacocks, maybe come nose to nose with a gopher. She likes to go for a walk if she can hold her leash in her mouth, thank you very much.

It's been challenging but fun getting to know her personality. She's a sucker for treats, of course and will 'sit' and 'paw' for a snack. She loves to jump straight up in the air if she likes you and cannot turn down anyone's face for kisses. Belly rubs are totally appreciated until she thinks your arm makes a good chew toy from the excitement of the belly rub. She can finally sleep in her crate in the living room all by herself, but she likes white noise, rain storm is her favorite. She's a cute, cuddly, jumping bundle of energy until about 8PM. Then it's lights out until 4AM when she knows Mom gets up so it must be time to eat! (Insert eye roll here.) I think D wished the kids could have picked a dog who didn't do mornings. Now you're updated.

BTW, the kids are still grounded!

Cuteness overload!

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