Cylde and his ladies

Peacocks! So flashy and bright. Proud as a peacock is the saying, right? Well, I'm thinking that whomever came up with that saying obviously has never lived with them. Loud as a peacock should be the saying. Loud all day and night. Loud at dusk. Loud at dawn. Loud at 2 in the morning. Loud when the bathroom light comes on. Loud when the bedroom light goes off. They are just freaking loud!

When we first met Clyde, he was hanging around the house but not on the house, he was keeping his distance and we thought, "How cool, there's a peacock here?" (Yes, we are naïve suburbanites, remember?) We were just looking at the house, imagining what our life would be like there in this quaint little valley in the hills of Briones and then we heard a woman scream for HELP! Or maybe it was a giant cat screaming MEOW! We can't decide, either way what we know for sure is that it was Clyde and he was LOUD! Once we figured out what the sound was and who was responsible for it, we still thought it made the place more cool. What's one peacock?

Well, try 17 peacocks! There was nothing in the disclosures about, coyotes, snakes and the surrounding farm animals we were warned about. They left out the Peacock detail. Now in case you didn't know, peacocks have a check in system, when one calls they all call back repeatedly. As I mentioned before, they have no interest in a regular schedule about it, they do it all the time. The hens are just as loud as their men and they all have something to say, "HELP/MEOW!"

We don't have all 17 nesting on our land, thank goodness. We do have Clyde though and he's a big dude. More on Clyde next time, he thinks he's so hot!

So pretty, such gorgeous colors!

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