Let's Get Lost in Briones?

Updated: May 19, 2019

I used to believe that life is all about growing up, getting a job you hate to pay for things you don't really need, find the perfect mate, pop out some perfect kids, make a few memories, pay your taxes and die." Sounds lovely, right? Have you ever felt like that? I can safely say that I had for a long time, I was soooooo LOST. I felt bad on the inside even though I looked pretty put together on the outside. I wanted to chuck it all and run away multiple times... a week! Then something happened, I slowed down and stopped listening to the outside garbage and I'm learning to also ignore the inside garbage now too. I'm finding my way and if you'd like to join me out in the 'country' to maybe feel a little less LOST, then ask yourself this question, "Who the hell does she think she is and why would I ever drop everything and hang out with her?"

Hey! I'm Kelley! I'm a 47 year old almost reformed control freak/perfectionist, personal trainer and mom to 3 kids, sister to 5 sisters and wife to 1 lucky guy. I used to be the overly responsible, keep to the schedule, I can do it all myself thank you very much, GO!GO!GO! woman. ( Sound familiar?) I thought I had it all under control. You know what? Life changed; my kids grew up, my husband and I hit a rough patch and I felt exhausted and angry all the time! I just wanted to run away to some beach where no one needed anything from me and I could paddle board all morning, read all afternoon and have uninterrupted sleep all night. Doesn't that sound divine? Yes, but unrealistic so instead I found a great therapist, started listening to podcasts, got back to reading more, took more classes in things that interested me and am I'm learning how to go about this next phase of my life. You know? Taking care of myself more! It ain't easy but I think I'm making progress. Now I'm here sharing this with you.

Where is here? There's a little valley in the middle of Briones with the cutest yellow house on a hill. (We still can't believe we get to live here, surrounded by wild life and awesome sunsets every day.) In this house we have a gorgeous pup, Freya and she loves to chase lizards and is our resident gardener, she digs... a lot. We also have a room for you, up a flight of stairs, with two windows that face the valley. This could be your space for a day or two or maybe a week. Whatever time you think you'll need to either take a break from the chaos or get new healthy habits started. This place is about remembering what makes you smile, playing like a kid and leaving your grown up responsibilities behind for a little while so your body can have a rest and you can focus on treating yourself better. How can you treat yourself better? Keep reading!

You can meet us here at the Farm, well, it's not really a farm but we call it the Farm because that's just what we do. There is so much to do here and then so much not to do. We can walk, play, hike, take stand up paddle board fieldtrips, do easy things, read, garden, talk to the neighborhood animals, journal, do hard things, start your best selling novel, chill out and nap in the hammock in the backyard, prepare satisfying and annoyingly healthy food that tastes great, meditate, sweat, stretch, you get the idea. You decide how you want to spend your time here, but health is the priority. Taking care of yourself is so important and I know so many of us have been putting it off, waiting for the perfect time to fit it into our schedules. Guess what?

Yep! Right now is the time! "That all sounds great Kelley, but where do I begin?" Just message us and we can get started on making your trip what you need it to be. If you're not sure what you need, we'll keep discussing until we figure it out. (We do have a few ideas!) Everyone is different and their idea of self care is different. We want you to have the most excellent experience so we will map out your time with us that works best for you and your needs. Let us know how we can help you feel refreshed, have renewed energy, maybe even slow down a little and start enjoying life again. It can be done! Let us help you.

You can be here too!

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