I Have a Crazy Dream

Blog they said. "The adventures you're having are hilarious!" they tell me. Watching me describe our new way of life is pretty entertaining. Ticks and spiders are actually not that scary anymore. Peacocks yell at each other to check in even at 3 AM. Roosters crow more in the afternoon then at dawn. Snakes? WHERE?!!!! Coyotes play a game of voice tag with everyone: goats, sheep, chickens, dogs, peacocks and probably frogs too.

I feel, truly feel that one of my life's' missions is to help people feel better in their own bodies. To help them do what they thought they couldn't, shouldn't or wouldn't ever do. To prove the haters wrong. You want run a marathon? Let's make a plan and do it! You want to learn to flip tractor tires, crawl under barbed wire and jump over fire? No problem! Need to learn how to quiet your mind and stretch your tired body while balancing on a stand up paddle board in the Bay? I've got you! Start a wellness retreat and a farm? Um ya, about that... we're doing it. That is the DREAM!

As we go about this next adventure, I'll try to keep people posted on all the crazy stuff we're learning and doing. Like, ticks have a season and peacocks lay eggs anywhere they want, or the weeds and grasses won't mow themselves and goats can eat poison oak!

Please forgive me though, I've never blogged before, but I do love a funny story so if you want to share one, please do! If you have any advice for two middle aged suburbanites looking to create a farm retreat, please share that too!!

and so it begins...

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