Soooo, out in nature, there are these little pests that like to latch onto your bod and suck your blood. No, not vampire children, TICKS! They have a season. A SEASON! They get a season?!

As anyone who knows me knows, I think bugs are gross. They are the very things keeping me from even trying out for Survivor and that is a life dream of mine, until they show close ups of spiders and all kinds of creepy crawly things. UGH!

Anyway, I'm casually sweeping my kitchen and just as I reach down to make sure I've gotten all the crud into the vacuum hole sucker thing, a tick as big as a lady bug walks up the cabinet and starts waving at me like he knows me. Seems he thinks we can hang out for awhile, maybe catch up on Survivor episode gossip? Now, the former suburbanite Kelley would have lit a match and walked away. (I do not, REPEAT DO NOT ever want my awesome house to burn down people, I'm being silly!) The new Kelley, the brave-ish Kelley went and got a paper towel and grabbed it, folded the paper towel around it and rolling pinned it flat with a satisfying yet disgusting crunch. Then I needed some fresh air so I tossed it in the trash and ran outside to breathe. Apparently I forgot to breathe while dealing with the tick.

My new neighbor assured me with her wise words, "Tick in the kitchen? Well, it happens. you can just toss them in the toilet, they drown really easily." I wasn't so sure and told her that if a tick ever bites my booty after I've tossed it in the toilet, it's her fault! She's okay with that.

So word to the wise...TICKS can just decide to show up in your clean house and wave at you all smiles and sunshine like you invited them in and it's no big deal, you can drop them in your toilet for a little swim and go on with your day.

Cute, unlike ticks!

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