Check out the hot babes!

It's been pretty chill around here lately. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's been busy. The Holidays kept us going and all, but there's not been too much excitement on the Farm. Until the very last day of 2018.

My job is cool, I can set my hours and on Mondays I usually work mornings and evenings. Last day of the year happened to be a Monday. So I worked the usual schedule for those that wanted to get in one last workout to say adios to 2018. That meant I was home for a few hours and planned on going back to the studio for the evening groups.

Hopped into the truck and looked up as I usually do, I like to take a deep breath and check out the pretty view before I leave to go to work during daylight hours. Low and behold there's a pack of' wild' horses running up the driveway. The local gang of retired rodeo horses had escaped their corral and gone on a field trip. Seems our grass is actually greener.

Of course I grabbed my phone and got some pics. It's not everyday I get a visit from the local rodeo babes.

And no, I did not get out of my truck until their parents came up to get them. I'll leave that to the professionals!

Briones traffic jam!

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