morning commute

I leave my house pretty early to get to work, it's still dark outside and usually cool and moist. (Yes, I said moist!) The birds are starting to make some noise and all the night timey animals are heading home from their night's festivities, so there's lots of critters on the road to watch out for. I love the roads I use to get to work and home, it's all woodsy and curvy with lots of blind turns so I have to keep my eyes open for anything, mostly those drunk party animals like opossum, raccoon, coyote and deer.

This morning, I climb into my truck and get my pump up music going. Today was Tupac, got me some California Love playin' nice and loud because I know how to party! I'm taking a turn nice and easy and I see two bucks having a pow wow in the middle of the road! I can imagine they're discussing how chilly it is this morning with the low fog keeping things nice and creepy, maybe how moist it's been lately. Whatever two dude deer talk about before the sun comes up.

When my high beams hit them, they run smack into each other, HARD! Then they start bouncing all over the place, but the smart one dives left to avoid the truck while the not so smart one (well, you be the judge) decides it's time to run alongside the truck for a couple hundred feet and keeps nodding his head towards the front of the truck. I'd like to think he heard Tupac and decided to get his jam on too. I mean, who doesn't love California Love? I start yelling at him to 'JUMP LEFT DUDE! DO NOT EVEN THINK OF TOUCHING MY TRUCK!' Eventually he just stopped and let me drive on by with Tupac singing about hearin' hoochies screamin'. Thankful that I didn't have to scrape deer guts off my truck and I made it work right on time.

So consider this yet another warning about country life. Be on the lookout when you come to visit and keep your music at respectable levels because you never know who is gonna show up and dance.

Not the acutal road I drive but close.

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