Oh DeeR! Manners?

So I'm in the kitchen and I glance out the back windows and spy a doe snacking on the wild pea things that like to grow in ABUNDANCE on the hill. She's so dainty and cute, quite proper I suppose. I'm amazed at how her tail swishes back and forth and then around in a circle swatting flies and bugs. It even does this figure 8 move, she's amazing! She looks so soft and tranquil, like I could stride right out and pet her sleek back. I can see myself, all Snow White-ish just singing and petting deer all day... and then it happens.

As she's eating, she lifts her tail and poop drops, just once. Like a horse, she can eat and poop at the same time, she doesn't even care who's watching.

Then she sits on her hind legs like a dog and looks up and almost smiles right at me...is she? No way! SHE'S PEEING!!!! She squats to pee?! Do all female deer do this? Who teaches them this skill? At least she doesn't pee and eat. I don't know if I could take that! How unrefined!! After a few seconds passes she stands and looks dainty and proper again, tail swishing in a fancy figure 8 snacking away again.

In the evening she brings her adorable little spotted child with her to chow down. Stay tuned...

Don't I look so sweet and dainty?

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