Party animals

Learning to sing a song in a 'round' was always fun as a kid. With a large family, it's something we did once in awhile to annoy our parents. Row Row Row Your Boat over and over and over again is excruciating after a few minutes. I hadn't thought about that in a long time until the other night when I heard all the party animals that live around us going at it, in the 'round'. Let me tell you a little about it...

It's just after dark, no moon and a few stars peaking out so it's very dark-ish outside. Then we hear the coyotes with that long and lonesome howl. Actually, it's not so lonesome as there are quite a few of them howling around at each other from opposite ends of the valley. Then the dogs answer back. The peacocks join in as do the chickens and then the goats. Soon, everyone has something to say all at the same time. Then it's deadly silent for a minute or so and it all starts back up again with the coyotes first. I wonder what they're saying to each other, maybe a little something like this?

"Elvis? Elvis? Have you seen the legs on those goats? They look mighty tasty." To which Elvis replies, "Yes Eliza, I've seen the legs on those goats and they sure do look scrumptious! Let's order a bucket to go! Awwooooooooo!!!!!"

Snickers starts barking at Elvis and Eliza, "Stay away from my herd you nasty fools! Go drool somewhere else." All of Snickers' canine friends join in and start name calling the coyotes. Names which I will not repeat.

Clyde the peacock chimes in to see if his Shelias are all accounted for, "Babes, you good? Staying away from those coyotes and dogs? You know, they all think we taste like chicken. At least we're better looking than the chickens, well, I am anyway. Still, you hot mommas stay clear now, ya hear? And tell me how beautiful I am again!"

Then finally the chickens start their squawking but no one cares about them until it's time to gather eggs. "Come near us you crazy beasts and we'll claw your eyes out with our talons! Someone pass me some fresh hay, I've had to pass this egg since yesterday. Alice? Where's that hay? I need that hay now!"

This whole time, the goats have been chiming in too, but I don't speak goat yet.

As you can see, or hear, it's quite the party place at night around the Farm. Every time I try to get my phone out to record it, they stop. It's like they know their secrets will be revealed so they hush up just in time. Jerks...

Under a full moon, we all howl a little.

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