Peace out!

I've got a new gig coming up here at the Farm. Peaceful retreat type stuff and I have to say that I am surprised to have even considered doing peaceful retreat type stuff there. It's just that the place SCREAMS very softly, "PEACEFUL RETREAT!" There's still weeds and noisy peacocks and dust everywhere but everyone who has visited us has said the same thing. "Your place is so peaceful, as soon as we turned the corner on your dirt road you can FEEL the peace oozing out everywhere." (Okay, maybe not everyone said that oozing part.) Still, it's freakin' true!

I'm a go getter, non-stop fitness mess of a woman who likes to play hard, sleep hard and eat a lot of food so for me to openly admit that we're going to be hosting a peaceful retreat is not only news to you but news to us too. Of course there will be times where doing the hard stuff could be part of the experience, (but only if you wanted to). Mostly it's a place to chill out and breathe for a little while. You can collect your thoughts or forget your thoughts if you want and just be, sitting on the porch with a cup of tea in your right hand and a book in the left hand feeling the breeze on your face. Hanging out in the backyard in the hammock rocking back and forth watching the clouds go by with not a care in the world. (We also have a great daybed in the backyard and Freya would love to be your snuggle buddy while you watch the sunset.) One could get back to nature and take a hike in our neighborhood park, Briones. Yes, people hike there, all the time! It's a thing!

Who has time for such relaxation? According to the latest research, everyone should be making time for doing a whole lot of nothing, nada, zip! We should all get off the phone, iPad, computer, insert whatever device you think you can't live without here...and get outside, remember how to breathe, walk and do nothing for no good reason. Your brain needs a reset, your body has been trying to tell you for a long time that very same thing. You know it's true. Your body does not lie! Yes, I'm talking to you... my haven't slept in weeks, coffee guzzling, skin lost it's glow, hair falling out, muscles and joints always aching darlings! It's time to bring your stressed out self to the Farm!

This is how we Sunset at the Farm!

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