pipes v Osullivan round 2 or 3, who’s counting?

l feel the earth - move - under my feet, you know the song? That’s what happens when pipes blow and water springs forth into the air, maybe 15 feet up. I was minding my own business working on my social media, also known as wasting time on Instagram, and BOOM! The whole house shook and I heard the fountain gushing forth yet again. Seriously?! Checked out the window to make sure it wasn't an earthquake. Nope, there's the water again, looks pretty but that is not where I wanted the romantic fountain placed. Grabbed my boots, ran down the hill to turn off the water, yelled my favorite cuss word a few times for the whole valley to hear and hiked back up the hill to see the damage. My buddy JC the plumber had just left 20 minutes ago, he couldn't have gotten far but he did seem to be in a hurry to escape.

It's been 5 days without running water and there are way more horrible things happening all over the world but I really needed the repair to hold this time. When it didn't and I saw what was left at the scene, I had a moment. You know the one? Where you drop to your knees and scream, "Why? Why? Why?" Okay, I admit a few things here, I didn't drop to my knees but I squatted really low and I screamed, "WTF! WTF! WTF!" I cried too, and was still crying when I called the plumbing company to say, "There's been another blow out! Can you please send JC back?" I was assured he would be back ASAP.

My next call was to my ROCK, the hubs. In my most 'I can handle this but here's the problem voice' I relayed the info. Of course all heard was 'my wife is crying and I need to come right now and fix it before she kills the plumber once he gets back to try to fix this mess again!' (There is a fresh whole in the yard, he knows me well!)

Anyway, long story just a little bit shorter, we got the problem fixed and I waited to update the blog because I didn't want to jinx it. So far no leaks, only smelly-dirty water coming from new pipes. Just waiting on our water angel to bring more water so we can flush them out. Lessons learned...invite your plumber to stay for lunch just incase the water decides to choose a new path to freedom.

The potential view down stream after pipe failure.

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