Poop on the porch?


Clyde, seems like a good name for a peacock. His bae is Sheila. How do we tell them apart from the other 15 peacocks you may ask... we don't! All the males are Clyde and all the hens are Sheila, it's just easier that way.

CLYDE is another story. He's the OG of the Garcia Ranch Peacock Crew. He's large and thinks he's in charge. He roosts up on the arena fence at the stables towards the top of our hill and yells whenever he needs to know where his ladies are chillin'. Are they thinking about him? Do they miss him? Is dinner ready yet? Where is my super suit? He's hollering all the time about something.

CLYDE likes our front porch, a lot. He likes to poop on our front porch, a lot. Peacock poop does not clean up easily and there's a lot of it. Bigger than goose poop but about the same consistency I suppose, I haven't examined goose poop that closely. Anyway, CLYDE thinks our beautiful porch is his toilet. I, on the other hand, wonder if peacock tastes like chicken...

Everyone, this is CLYDE, notice the poop!

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