Need a Break?

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

Well, nothing extremely crazy or hilarious has happened lately on the Farm. The nightly shenanigans from the animals have died down quite a bit, I guess mating season is officially over ;)! There are still lots of wild turkeys and deer running around and the peacocks are molting so there are feathers here and there. Need feathers? They fancy up any outfit! Freya is keeping us busy as she trains us on walking, feeding and playing in her world of puppy cuteness overload! Yes, she's totally training us, not the other way around.

If you're wondering what else we've been up to though, besides puppy/human training, weeding, mowing and crafting with feathers... We've been creating a space for you to come join us! Yep, you!! Even spend the night if you like. We have a guest room, upstairs with two comfy twin beds. The kitchen is full of healthy, fresh, mostly organic food. (I make amazing waffles on the weekends.) The front porch has prime sunset viewing. You can hike in Briones in the morning after breakfast, enjoy a picnic lunch on the tailgate of our truck after the hike, nap in the afternoon and then savor a BBQ dinner under the stars in the backyard. You can catch up on your reading while lounging in the hammock out back. You can sip tea and watch the sunset from our couch. Did I mention you can do all this with the world's cutest puppy available for snuggling?!

The catch? You know there's always a catch. You cannot use your phone or computer or iPad while you're with us. NO TECH! This is truly a break from things that can cause you stress or make you want to cry so no electronics are allowed. Of course we have a land line/phone and access to WiFi should you REALLY need it, but come on... let go for 24 hours and feel better for a little while. Get your butt out into nature, you might like it!

Nature let's us reset ourselves in a way that nothing else will. I can tell you all about the science and research that supports this but really? You already know it's true! We are so blessed to be able to live here in Briones surrounded by trails, trees and hills and we want to share it. When we first came around the bend on the dirt road, we noticed how peaceful the whole area was. It's like as soon as your tires hit the dirt... your shoulders drop, your jaw unclenches, you smile and take a deep breath as a sense of calm washes over your whole being. It just happens! EVERY TIME! So many visitors have said this, it's not just us. The surroundings are magical here! (You'll really begin to feel it as you drive under the canopy of oaks on Bear Creek Road to get here.)

So please check us out on Airbnb and see what you think. Would you want to come and stay a night or two? Maybe just the day? Let us help you steal a moment to recharge your batteries. We can guide your hike and feed you or leave you alone and you can feed yourself. Let us know what we can do to help you unwind and loosen up.

Freya is waiting for you on the hammock!

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