Romantic Fountains!

Well! Well! Well! We have a well and it’s dry, so dry that it echoes. We have to rely upon our super SHE-ro for water delivery every few weeks so we can wash the dishes, do laundry and take showers. A couple of spoiled babies we were to be able to have drinkable water on demand coming out of every tap/faucet with no worries in our previous life. We can live with water delivery, everyone else around here does. "A well is an adventure! Water issues are part of the adventure,” I told the Mr. ”It can’t be that bad, we can figure it out if something goes wrong!” (Insert rye roll here.)

We knew there was a leak in our system because two 'normal' people and a puppy do not go through 3500 gallons of water in 3 weeks and the cost was adding up. The Mr. noticed the green muddy patch above the house in the middle of the driest spell on record and he hired some guys to find it. Dig, dig, dig they did but they didn’t think it was funny when I asked if they found any bodies yet, no sense of humor when it’s 80 degrees and you’re digging all day I guess. Anyway, the leak was found! All the digging paid off! “Easy fix!” says the Mr. He kindly explained it so I could understand, “I’ll cut the old pipe and add some new pipe and glue it all together.” Sounded like a great idea to me and totally easy, we’d have running water in no time! Clean laundry here I come!

I'm just going to give it to you straight, it’s not easy and it takes a long time. Here’s the quick version of what we did. Water gets turned off and all the water left in the pipes flows out, fill anything that holds water to use later if needed. (Key for toilet flushing!) The Mr. has to clean and dry the pipes that need messing with, while his feet get stuck in the mud. Cut leaky pipe, feet get stuck in the mud. Dig in the mud around the pipe more because both sides of the pipe need to move around, feet still stuck in the mud. While the Mr. does all this he tells me I’m not needed for 15 minutes so I take off my shoes and go into the house for a snack, since I'm always hungry I'm enjoying my snack and then I hear dirt clods hitting the house. I walk outside and hear, “I need some help!” I run up the hill in my socks to make sure he’s not drowning or being eaten by coyotes because his feet are stuck in the mud and he's easy prey! Apparently the water wasn’t quite finished flowing out of the pipe. Now the Mr. is super stuck in the mud but alive and the pipe is no longer clean or dry. Water gets pumped out of the hole so we can start over and I hesitate to jump in the muddy pit to help. Yep, the mud run girl hesitated! Once we got ‘things under control’ we tried to glue and set new pipe. Let‘s just say that didn’t happen as more water showed up accidentally from some magical water holding pit along the line up the hill somewhere. What’s the law about if it can go wrong it will go wrong?

After another day of 'easy fixes' and a romantic evening fountain display we have decided to call in the professionals. The white flag is up, we need help with leaking four inch pipe that’s three feet in the ground and not cooperating with the newbies. Still waiting on someone who has done this before to come save us. If we knock on your door, you know we’re not selling cookies. We stink and need to borrow your shower!

Stay tuned, the saga continues!

Mind the gap?!

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