This is Hard, But...

We need to share so here it goes.

We lost our daughter this past summer ripping a huge hole not only in our hearts but through our whole lives and the future we had planned. We've been trying to figure out how to cope, it's not been easy at all. Every single day is a struggle, not only for us but for our whole family. (Both blood and blue!) It feels like there is no recovery from losing her but we hope there can be healing. Staying here and continuing our vision may help and it may not but we know this for sure, time is short and doing nothing isn't helping anyone. Although the vision has changed, the goal has not. Our goal has always been to create a healing space where anyone can come and get their hands dirty or just breath and refocus. Now more than ever, don't we all need this?

We have a chunk of wild land in Briones. We are offering opportunities to get your blood pumping by doing the following: hack into some wood, whack some weeds, build a chicken coop/run, tidy up some fencing, clear brush, plant/tend a garden, hike some hills, breathe fresh air, pet some neighborhood horses, play with our pups, chill out with a good book, practice some sun salutations, sip tea and share your thoughts in our kitchen or just watch the sunset off the porch. There is always something to 'do or not do' around here. We have found that movement helps us, whether it's using equipment or breathing deeper with more intention. Procrastinating and closing ourselves off is not helping.

You can bring your own tools or use ours. (We have chainsaws, axes, sledgehammers, weed whackers, mowers, books/magazines, yoga mats, etc...) We can show you how to use our equipment or you can bring your own. Feel the need to work out some aggression with hard labor or chill out with breath work? Either one is available. We are surrounded by hills if you feel a hike is best for you, we can come along or point you in the right direction. It doesn't have to be on the weekend either. We have week days available as well. Have you tried taking a break from your 'city' life to hangout in the 'country'? Ours is a beautiful spot! We are so blessed to be able to live here and we want to share this with you.

HAY! Got tools?

Please message for details and dates if you're interested or have any questions. We also offer challenging workouts that do not involve power tools. ;)

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