Toilet Screams!

Okay, we live in the country now, kind of. We have a well that's basically dry right now so we have to pay for water to be trucked in, loaded into a tank at the road then pumped up to the tank on the ridge of the property. We are used to turning on any faucet in the whole house and water magically comes pouring out. City life! Not to mention, it's pretty cheap to have the luxury of water just pouring out from all your faucets whenever you want. Yep, we're spoiled. So many places in the world do not have this luxury, we are blessed!

So learning to live with less availability of water has been a challenge. No, I haven't turned on a faucet and nothing comes out, yet. Here's what happens at the Farm and how we know we're running out of water. The pressure slows down, just a little at first and then it kind of leaks out but it's still a weak stream, not too bad. It just takes longer to fill our filtered water bottle for the fridge. BUT then the shower thinks it's okay to NEVER get hot enough for me to actually get into it. I like a good 100* plus shower EVERY morning. It's my life line, I NEED IT! There was a lot of cussing that morning, in the cold shower and a lot of dancing around trying not to touch the ice water that I needed to rinse off with. The Farm version of a polar plunge is not the way I want to start my day!

Now here's how we know it's time to call our new best friend... our toilet screams. Once you flush and it refills, it literally makes the most crazy, screaming noise. I thought it was haunted or maybe attached to a torture chamber under the house we didn't know about. (At 3 AM, it's fun to wake up the neighborhood it seems that loud!) Nope, when we have lots of water in the tanks this is how we really know we have plenty of water and once that scream goes away it means it's time to call the water lady with her giant tanker truck to save us and me from freezing showers. Which she has, on very short notice, done twice now and we LOVE her! So, when you're at the Farm and you hear random screaming, it's probably the toilet.

Cold showers are NOT my thing!

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